One of the most important days of your life is approaching.

Hello! I'm glad you're here, because it means: you're engaged. Your wedding with the love of your life is very close! Love is the protagonist in a unique and special day. The most important people in your life will accompany you and celebrate with you the love of that union with your partner.

Congratulations on your wedding!


Being excited and nervous at the same time is undoubtedly something incredible. A feeling that runs through you just before leaving for the ceremony, on your wedding day you see yourself in the mirror with that dress or suit that you expected to wear and now this moment comes true.

Now you are close to living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Enjoy this whole process of planning every detail of your wedding and remember that the most important thing is the love between the two of you and all the people who want to be with you that day to make your wedding even more incredible.


Every wedding is unique and my job as a photographer is to capture those unique moments and turn them into unique memories. I try to capture in a unique and personal way all feelings in unique photographs.

My photographs have the sole objective of capturing those special moments in your life and freeze them forever, it does not matter if you see them again in 1 year, in 2 years or 5 years and they continue to move you to that kiss in the ceremony and you still feel their hand in your hand It will not only be an image, it will be your moments.


Where does the wedding begin? Yes, with the preparations, that's where the magic begins and that's where my work begins. I will be with you throughout the wedding process. From the preparations to the reception. That day I will be attentive to every detail, look, smile, kiss, hug you give your partner and those laughs with your friends, as well as those hugs with your family.

Package One


-Two photographers
-Total coverage on the day of the wedding (Up to 10 hours)
-Pre Wedding session
-Post Wedding session
-Minimun 500 Photos
-High Resolution edited Photos
-Private online Gallery

Package Two


-Two photographers
-Total coverage on the day of the wedding (Up to 10 hours)
-Pre Wedding session
-Minimun 400 Photos
-High Resolution edited Photos
-Private online Gallery

 I explain how I work

Full coverage on the day of the wedding means I'll be taking photos with you from the start. When you share with me the schedule of the day of the wedding, from the moment of her makeup I will arrive to start taking the photos of the details, such as shoes, rings, dress, etc… And we continue with the photos of the preparations.

Then we go to the ceremony where I will be taking photos of every detail, both those looks between you, those laughs, hugs and kisses; as well as the reactions of his family and friends after the ceremony. After the ceremony we can do a photo session before the reception.

Pre wedding & Post wedding

We do the Pre Wedding session months or weeks before the wedding. It is a casual session where we go somewhere nice and have fun taking some beautiful photos in which they are not dressed in the clothes of the wedding day.

We do the Post wedding session after the wedding day. We can venture to take some beautiful photos by taking the time to capture a beautiful sunset. It gives us the opportunity to do a very nice and relaxed photoshoot.


To make the reservation of the wedding date, the payment of the 50% selected package is made and with this I already share the contract where the date of your wedding is assured. The remaining 50% can be made in the course of the months before the wedding or one week before the wedding.

FAQ - Weddings

Do you do more than one wedding per day?

We only do one wedding per day. So we can be 100% focused on a single event.

Do you work outside of your locality?

We love seeing new places, so we travel all over the United States.

Do you charge travel expenses?

It depends on the place of the ceremony and the days that we have to be with you. Normally from 20 miles from our place of residence, this is when we apply a small fee for travel. In the rates that we send you, we take into account all the expenses, and it is all included so that you will not get unexpected surprises.

Will there be a second shooter?

For unique events such as weddings, the photo package with a second photographer included is recommended.

How many photographers are you going to the wedding?

This will depend on your budget and the plan you select, Photos only Photo and video. We recommend the two photographer plan, because we will gain more creative freedom during the ceremony and reception.

What is the pre-wedding?

The pre-wedding is an optional couple session that we do before the wedding, it can be a day before, a week before, and sometimes we have even done a year before. The photographs of this session can be used for invitations, photocall, to put on the tables ...

What is the post-wedding?

The post-wedding is an optional couple session days after the wedding. The post-wedding session gives us the opportunity to take photographs in places or destinations that would be impossible to reach on the wedding day.

We can also take these photos more calmly, without haste, and with more time. In these sessions we get photos of higher artistic quality and more surprising.

Are the photos retouched?

Our retouching seeks to remove all the imperfections that normally go unnoticed, trying to highlight people and obtaining a natural but very beautiful image of each one.

We avoid big touch-ups and aggressive unnatural montages.

Do you make videos?

Yes, the Photo and Video plan includes a special filming of all the important scenes of the event.

How do I receive my photographs?

All photos are delivered digitally, in jpg format, can be downloaded upon receipt of the download link and code, after processing your payment.

When do I receive my photos?

Normally the photographs are delivered seven days after the date of the session. Depending on the volume of work this can take up to fifteen days.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Yes, you can request printed copies through our online store

How can we reserve?

To book you can write us directly by whatsapp, +1 (407) 669-9134 we look for the date that is available and that's it.
We normally have a waiting list of 15 days.
If you have any other questions, you can contact us through our web form, send us an email to